Quality Management

Declaration on the Quality Policy of Helio Beit Pigmentpasten GmbH, Cologne

We develop and supply pigment pastes for a large number of applications with a focus on applications for the production of industrial paint.
Our products have to comply not only with our own quality demands but also those of our customers. The standard of quality we strive to achieve is characterized by our compliance with the requirements defined by our customers with regard to our products and related add-on services as well as our QA management system. In this way, our products fundamentally fulfil all technical aspects of the specifications and other demands being made by our customers, as well as the requirements of the corresponding quality standards.
Together with our products, we offer our customers efficient commercial and technical advisory support. With the quality of our products, our advisory support and after-sales service, as well as our high level of flexibility, we aim to achieve a leading position among our competition. These elements are a significant building block for our successful business activities.

Quality, security and environmental protection as corporate goals
The fact is that environmentally friendly paint products are not a possibility. On the basis of this knowledge, it is therefore our duty and our obligation to make our products, our production processes, the handling of our products and the disposal of waste materials as environmentally friendly and as safe as possible. This begins with cooperation with our suppliers from whom we expect a constant supply of products in the agreed quality and fulfilment of all valid environmental standards.
For environmental protection reasons, our main development priorities for pigment pastes lie in water-based, solvent-free and radiation-curing systems. Together with all our employees, we are committed to environmental protection that utilizes all necessary resources sparingly.
In addition, we observe the regulations of the European chemicals legislation REACH and CLP (GHS) for the development of our recipes as well as for communication with our customers in order to ensure safe handling of raw materials and products. Furthermore, the complete contract manufacturing process is taken into account during development. Fundamentally, we endeavour at all times to use energy-saving, safe and low waste and emission techniques wherever possible.
Quality-related, safety-relevant, economical and ecological aspects are all given equal consideration for corporate decisions. We have appointed officers for the implementation of and adherence to our QA management, protection and safety measures. Furthermore, we encourage awareness among all company employees to actively promote proactive quality, safety and environmental protection at their respective workplaces.

Information for employees, customers and the general public
We inform our employees, our customers and interested members of the public about our quality policy and safety measures. Our expectation is for all company employees to be able to work for us in the understanding that our products and production processes are ecologically acceptable as far as possible. In this respect, we conduct an open dialogue outwardly with our clients, neighbourhood, public authorities and all other interested parties.

Requirements of quality management systems
The implementation of all measures for quality assurance, safety and protection of the environment can only be achieved, in the end, by a comprehensive quality management system which is understood and supported by all employees. For this reason, our company is striving for certification according to the international standard ISO 9001. In addition, our actions comply according to the principles of the Responsible Care programme of the chemical industry.

Cologne in June 2019
HELIO BEIT Pigmentpasten GmbH
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