About us

The Helio Beit® Pigmentpaste GmbH offers solutions for the modern industrial paint production. The company draws on 35 years of experience in the manufacture of pigment pastes and is a spin-off of the Bollig & Kemper GmbH & Co. KG; which in turn can look back to a history of 96 years in the coatings industry, and had its recent main scope of business in the sophisticating production of automotive series coatings. The Helio Beit® Pigmentpaste GmbH has five different paste series which meet the highest demands in the industrial paint production.
Our Helio Beit® pastes have been successfully used for years by many industrial coating manufacturers as tinting systems and/ or components in automatic dosing systems. Application areas for the Helio Beit® pastes are for example industrial coatings, such as furniture, machine, aerosols, automobile repair, bicycle, motorcycle and agricultural machine paints, as well as plastic and foil printing paints. Our wide range of colours provides your products with an excellent colour scheme.
The Helio Beit® Pigmentpaste GmbH has taken over the pigment paste business of the Bollig & Kemper GmbH. We are now focusing exclusively on this scope of business and are able to work intensively on its continued development. Our customers and the solution of their needs are at the heart of our actions.
The manufacture of our products takes place on the most modern facilities under the lowest possible impact on people and the environment. The use of our products is supporting our customers in better organizing their production and to adjust to increased labour and environmental standards. To this end, we offer not only excellent products, but also concepts for the implementation of modern standards:
Especially small and medium-sized batch sizes require quick reaction times and high flexibility. To be able to produce smaller quantities quickly and efficiently, new and intelligent concepts are needed. The Helio Beit® range of pastes offers all the conditions to build a production using base coat-ranges of pastes and to operate economically.
A key factor for our success is our team of consultants. They provide all necessary aids for the development of production concepts using an appropriate Helio Beit® range of pigment pastes. The basis for this are comprehensive impact assessments in the customer system and coordinated testing with regard to viscosity, colour development, colour strength, drying and storage. Our consultants will create a detailed concept and support interested parties and customers in colour selection and measurements. Of course, we also develop guide formulations according to RAL, or customer-specific colour shades. In order to create the opportunity to interested parties and our customers for short-term work in their own coating system, we developed a Software that matches the series and supports the solution for colour measurement devices. In addition, our customers benefit from our excellent contacts to manufacturers for the planning and implementation of their own commercial small-scale production.
Contact our expert consultants. We assist you to find your individual solution.